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= List of actions (ID) ====== ==PiP== 7 PiP show/hide (ONPIP) 8 PiP Channel - (PIPDOWN) 9 ... PIPUP) 10 PiP Swap (PIPSWAP) 64 Multi PiP show/hide (KEYMULTIPiP) 66 PiP Zoom + (KEYPiPZOOMU... 81 End key (KEY_OSD_END) 96 Settings menu show/hide (KEY_OSD_OPTION) 99 Add Bookmark (KEY_ADD_BOOKMARK) 100 Bookmark menu show/hide (KEY_SHOW_BOOKMARK_OSD) 101 ExtFilter menu show/hide (
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eters== SQL - sql string_utf8 show_error - show error as MsgBox ==Return Value== true/false - ... eters== SQL - sql string_utf8 show_error - show error as MsgBox ==Return Value== on success - r
Formatting Syntax: 6 соответствий
g ===== Some times you want to mark some text to show it's a reply or comment. You can use the followin... is pretty much the same, but you could use it to show that you quoted a file. </file> To let the par... number | will be used as maximum number items to show, defaults to 8 | | reverse | display the last items in the feed first | | author | show item authors names | | date | show item dates |
OSD: 4 соответствий
_time number,append number)==== ==Description== Show string on OSD. ==Parameters== Message - mess... NOT_SHOW=32 - Not show select window (only when MODAL_MODE==0 and NO_GL... NOT_CHANGE_MAIN_TITLE=64 - Not show row name in main title(control panel and etc)(sin
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ly with UpdateID) p.ShowProgressWindow - 1 - Show progress/cancel window p.ProgressWindowHeader ... ecords,3-video SilentMode - int 1 - not show error message Imulate - boolean true - d
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ript.</note> ====window functions==== ===Object = Show(string Name,string UrlHtml,string UrlLua,number c... WindowPos(Object)=== ===ShowWindow(Object,boolean Show)=== ===SetWindowId(Object,string ID)=== ===string
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,Type number,Object(opt)) ===== ==Description== Show MessageBox ==Parameters== Messsage - messag
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Bloggers think]] * [[http://www.wikimatrix.org/show/DokuWiki|Compare it with other wiki software]] *
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