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s page// button at the top or bottom of the page. If you want to try something, just use the [[playgro... ll. **Paragraphs** are created from blank lines. If you want to **force a newline** without a paragra... without it. You should use forced newlines only if really needed. ===== Links ===== DokuWiki suppo... can be enabled in the [[doku>config]] file. Hint: If DokuWiki is a link, then it's enabled. * When a
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y media mode p.TypeSkip = 1 - 0 - skip if found, 1 - refresh if found, 2 - don't find, add ... = 0 - 1- forcing set the logo of extended filter(if they not empty in DB) (from ver. 0.4.8 b9) p.Au... f source p.NotDeleteWhenRefresh - don't delete if a channel not present (only with UpdateID) p.S... m database ==Parameters== ID - Id of channel, if not present do all UpdateIMG - refresh channels
IPTV Player SimpleTV: 4 соответствий
ра IP телевидения и локальных файлов.**^^^ <php> if (file_exists(DOKU_PLUGIN.'googleads/code.php')) include_once(DOKU_PLUGIN.'googleads/code.php'); if (function_exists('gads_code')) gads_code(); </php>... 4723031|сборка от Zvif - rutracker]] ---- <php> if (file_exists(DOKU_PLUGIN.'googleads/code.php')) include_once(DOKU_PLUGIN.'googleads/code.php'); if (function_exists('gads_code')) gads_code(); </php>
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MODAL=512, NOT_TOP_ON_MAINFRAME=1024, (only if not modal) NOT_DIALOG_MODE=2048 (allo... 1 - current foreground window) ==Return Value== if function failed - the return value is 'false'. If dialog is modal - the return value is 'true'. Otherwise the return value is dialogs object(lightuse... ,boolean NeedValue (opt))=== ==return value== if NeedValue==true then return the value of the comb
OSD: 3 соответствий
message add_time - add time in sec append - if not 0 then append to current message ====ShowMess... eOut - Time after which the menu will be closed if user inactive. (type: number, 0 - disable autoclo... ALWAYS_OK=16 - Pressed 'ok' if pressed ESC or timeout
Control: 2 соответствий
v.0.4.8 b9 or above ==Description== return true if current playing is AD =====SetPlayRate(number)===... current stream(from multiaddressinfo,torrent etc, if present) pos - new position of the stream (opt
часто_задаваемые_вопросы_faq: 2 соответствий
<php> if (file_exists(DOKU_PLUGIN.'googleads/code.php')) include_once(DOKU_PLUGIN.'googleads/code.php'); if (function_exists('gads_code')) gads_code(); </php> ?????? Как Убрать/Показать часы на экране ?
Interface: 2 соответствий
text t.name - Name of item in the "Extra" menu if name=='-' then add separator t.luastring - lua file name or script t.lua_as_scr (false) - if true then t.luastring is script, overwise t.luastr
Системные требования: 2 соответствий
<php> if (file_exists(DOKU_PLUGIN.'googleads/code.php')) include_once(DOKU_PLUGIN.'googleads/code.php'); if (function_exists('gads_code')) gads_code(); </php> ===== Системные требования ===== ===== Ус
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<php> if (file_exists(DOKU_PLUGIN.'googleads/code.php')) include_once(DOKU_PLUGIN.'googleads/code.php'); if (function_exists('gads_code')) gads_code(); </php> {{:mantis:simpletv:screen1.jpg|}} {{:mantis
Интеграция SimpleTV с EventGhost: 1 соответствий
ge_sleep = 'SimpleTV.Event.sleeping' -cut- -cut- if m_simpleTV.Control.Reason == 'Sleeping' then udp
Database: 1 соответствий
le("SELECT Main.Id, Main.Name FROM Main;",true) if t==nil then return end for i,w in pairs(t) do
TcpServer: 1 соответствий
l server = m_simpleTV.TcpServer.CreateServer(p) if server==nil then ERROR end function TestTCPS
DokuWiki: 1 соответствий
/gpl.html|GNU General Public License]] Version 2. If you use DokuWiki in your company, consider [[doku
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