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.NumberM3U = 1 - 1 - considers a numbers from m3u p.Find_Group = 1 - 1 - considers a groups from m3u p.TypeCoding = 0 - -1-auto 0 - plane text 1- UTF8 2- unicode p.Borpa... FilterLogo = '' - the logo of extended filter (from ver. 0.4.8 b9) p.ExtFilterLogoForce = 0 - 1- f... logo of extended filter(if they not empty in DB) (from ver. 0.4.8 b9) p.AutoNumber = 0 - auto n
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<note important>All functions that are called from the SimpleTV core, must be defined in the dialog ... ==SetWindowName(Object,string_utf8 Name)=== -- from ver 0.4.8 b6 ===SetWindowIcon(Object,UTF8_string UriIcon,boolean big)=== -- from ver 0.4.8 b6 ===Close(Object)=== ===RedrawWindow(Object)=== -- from ver 0.4.8 b9 ====HTML functions==== ===AddEventHandler(Object,'EventName','Id','LuaFunctionNa
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le_UTF8 - utf8 version of Control.CurrentTitle (from v 0.4.8 b8) Control.EventPlayingInterval Cont... 3 (500) or above ==Description== Execute Action from Control menu (Preferences) ==Parameters== id ... - true - all stream, false - only current stream(from multiaddressinfo,torrent etc, if present) pos ... b9 or above ==Description== get current index from multiaddressinfo =====table = GetMetaExtra()=====
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eleted</del> as well. **Paragraphs** are created from blank lines. If you want to **force a newline** w... the section name behind a hash character as known from HTML. This links to [[syntax#internal|this Sectio... x|existing pages]] are shown in a different style from [[nonexisting]] ones. * DokuWiki does not use [... Aggregation ===== [[DokuWiki]] can integrate data from external XML feeds. For parsing the XML feeds, [[
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eTV version (type: number) b - SimpleTV version from About window (type: ANSI string) ==Sample== loc... 556) or above ==Description== Converting string from Unicode to UTF8 codepage ==Parameters== str -... 556) or above ==Description== Converting string from UTF8 to Unicode ==Parameters== str - input s
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osition on OSD (KEYPIPPOS) 42 Quick recording from PiP (KEYQRECPiP) ==Sound== 61 Volume+ (KEYVOL... _FILE) 105 Open URL (KEY_OPEN_URL) 112 Open from ClipBoard (KEY_OPEN_FROM_CLIPBOARD) 12 Close
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(550) or above ==Description== Delete a item from the "Extra" menu ==Parameters== id - numeric ... ne - current foreground window, 0 - main window), from v 0.4.8 b8 ==Return Value== MessageBox return v
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leTV.Database.GetTable("SELECT Main.Id, Main.Name FROM Main;",true) if t==nil then return end for i... pleTV ver== SimpleTV v.0.4.8 b8 or above ==Description== Load current playing channel info from DB
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ExtDialog===== ==Parameters== ===== deprecate from ver. 0.4.8, moving in Dialog class ===== * SetE
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