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Тема0000840: SimpleWest - News, Changelog, upcoming changes (новости)
ОписаниеThe place to see the most recent changes.

Well, the time gap between initial version and the next one was more than a year (!), so don't expect frequent updates here :|
Дополнительные сведенияThe remote home for the pack: http://cc4.co/UJMC
Archives are in 7z format: http://www.7-zip.org
Recent fixes and updates may be in dev directory; don't expect to find the complete pack there, so usually the files from dev directory go on top of the most recent pack. Which version is more recent, 0489-1 or 0488-2? The calculus goes as {Internal version Number} = {Base SimpleTV version} + 10000 * {Pack Distribution Number}. So the pack distro # take precedence and its bigger number after dash means newer version.
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2014-12-25 02:21

руководитель   ~0011186

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Hello, before I announce the grand new release of SimpleWest, here the changes for initial release made over a year ago. These were the core differences from other SimpleTV based packs available in 2013:

    initial release;
    channels' logo folder major cleanup from duplicates, resizing & renaming were not scheduled for implementation.
    A help with sorting out the channel logos would be appreciated. Looks like 165x165 pixels PNG files with a simple transparent background suited the best,
    as 200x200 are coming out from default base skin. The update of the ready to run snapshot of the working db would be required accordingly.

Sure, the list is rather short, but remember, it had two distinct plugs: Groups and Output Streaming.


2014-12-25 02:24

руководитель   ~0011187

Последние изменения: 2014-12-25 02:31

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Now, just feel the difference. The amount of time spent and changes in the pack core is rather outstanding. Read for yourself, or better yet, just drill into the source code, it's all there for free at:
======= http://cc4.co/UJMC
    The major upgrade with a huge amount of innovations:
    major code rewriting for consistency, modules logical separation and reuse, no Defines constants and startup folder handling anymore,
    but instead the new system of numeric priority levels for sorting services is implemented (NN.init.lua files, lower NN number executed sooner)
    integrated providers configuration, passwords are not visible anymore
    AllFon provider added and 1Torrent re-included, stalled services GoWeb (aka YTV.su) and RaketaTV are scheduled for removal if remain stalled
    new configuration values CRC based system written from scratch for easy and compact handling db and cached config data
    new service provider specific and also generic channel names replacement tables with scripts for generating sorted channel lists right from UI,
    one EPG provider included as the reference and the target for channel names replacement tables
    updating playlists now returns alphanumerically sorted channel lists (reverse order is supported internally if needed)
    new soft on-demand handling for a channel address with skipping call to a provider (to get content id), applies for ace stream providers
    new protected channels feature to handle adult content with easy config file, transparent skipping mode for such channels is also available
    added and partly integrated YouTube video scripts (incl. live) with sorted resolution OSD list (highest is default), when supported by source
    possibly TODO: semi-automatic pack updater (not implemented), for now Preferences|Extended|Common Extended button Check will open file home
    new note() debug & messaging function integrates all 3 ways to display/show/log information & makes separate debug and show functions obsolete
    groups are now in English irrespectively of the channels domain or an actual location country or audio track language(s)
    changes in playlists fetching logic, the code consolidation, including enhanced handling of providers' playlist update messages
    excluding group information and channel name string from a channel's update id, stripping out extra numeric suffixes from services' update ids
    UDP Proxy user interface added, but removing this service together with startup playlist is under consideration for a next update
    update playlist on error included for RaketaTV service, the service has been fixed for authenticated users but, so far, remains inactive
    TODO/Users: two-stage channel names renaming to match EPG provider for SimpleTV built-in lookup, this task will never complete!
    TODO/Users: rename/remove/add channel logos, the task will never complete either! Users can do the last two tasks as/if needed.


2014-12-30 09:41

руководитель   ~0011236

    parental code is set to 2244 and enabled by default
    new credentials core service with up to 3 string items initially, for content providers and simple scripts that require authentication
    added CREDENTIALS tag for services that require authentication
    added rutracker simple script in 'video' folder that utilizes the credentials service (the '+' sign suffix in the file name does all the magic)
    removed RaketaTV and GoWeb providers

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