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0001694SimpleTVПредложениепубличная2020-05-08 22:48
Инициаторgpb68 ОтветственныйSergeyVS  
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ПлатформаwindowsОперационная системаWindows 10Версия ОСVersion 10.0.183
Версия продукта0.5.0 b12.4 (x32/x64) 
Целевая версия0.5.0 b12.5 (x32/x64)Решена в версии0.5.0 b12.5 (x32/x64) 
Тема0001694: simpletv does not interpret output from IPTVBoss m3u/epg editor well
ОписаниеIt loads the file but the epg information is sparsely populator compared to other players such as IMPlayer or Tivimate. If you contact me directly at jleiss@gmail.com. I can provide an EPG file to look at or I can provide you a link to IPTVBoss discord where you can converse with the developer and work out the issues. It also doesn't work when loading url's that have been shortened with tinyurl. One other suggestion is to provide the ability to load an epg from a local file. I would upload the file, but even zipped it is too large to attach. Outside of that it is an awesome product and the best player for Windows.
Шаги по воспроизведениюjust load an EPG created by IPTVBoss.
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2020-05-02 23:17

администратор   ~0031793

Upload xml file on file sharing(for example mega.nz) and share link here.
You may load local files, simple enter full local path to the file, like e:/epg.xml.gz


2020-05-03 11:12

администратор   ~0031795

link not working


2020-05-04 12:37

администратор   ~0031809

So what is the problem specifically? Preferably with pictures.
Short link(https://tinyurl.com/y6uv8hlf) and local file loading work well. EPG refresh rate can be configured in the scheduler (click on 'Set up shcedule' in EPG Settings or main menu - record - scheduler)


2020-05-04 16:55

администратор   ~0031825

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EPG not linked because EPG channel name not equal actual name of channel.
For example, channel 'NICK JR' in EPG file has names
<display-name>1320 NICJRHD</display-name>
For solution
1 it is preferable
  add tag with actual name in EPG file
  <display-name>NICK JR/display-name>
2 or in m3u file add tag
  tvg-name="NICJRHD" for NICK JR channel
and reload m3u file
3 or edit file 'luaScr\lib\epg_filterUtf8_.lua' like
  {"NICK JR","NICJRHD", 0 }
4 or manual link EPG to the channel


2020-05-04 19:33

автор   ~0031841

I'm the developer of IPTVBoss, does SimpleTV not match the "tvg-id" from the m3u with the "channel-id" in the epg? Shouldn't that be checked before checking tvg-name and display-name? I can make it work, but it does seem it should check the id's before checking names.

Untitled-1-2.jpg (363,991 байт)


2020-05-04 20:08

администратор   ~0031844

Because simpleTV may have more than one epg source (and more than one playlist) , it's use more complex EPG channel-id ( MD5(epg_url) + '_' + channel-id ).
In next build i will add option 'Use url-tvg,tvg-id tags' in the playlist load window, that will check url-tvg,tvg-id tags and generate correct internal id.
But your EPG will be more universal if 'display-name' tag will contains the actual channel name.


2020-05-08 19:29

автор   ~0031938

tested with new build and use url-tvg, tvg-id tags enabled and still not mapping a lot of the guide information correctly.


2020-05-08 20:10

администратор   ~0031940

Does the m3u file contains correct url-tvg="url to xml file" ? Without that - tag 'tvg-id' ignored.


2020-05-08 21:44

автор   ~0031944

yes this is an one of the channels that isn't mapping.

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-chno="2990" tvg-id="USA_Networks_and_Sports_EPGAPLHD" tvg-name="ANIMAL PLANET" tvg-logo="https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/logopedia/images/e/e3/Animal_Planet_2018.svg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/250?cb=20181016205525" group-title="Cable Channels",ANIMAL PLANET

and here is an example program from the EPG for same channel

<programme start="20200504030000 -0500" stop="20200504040000 -0500" channel="USA_Networks_and_Sports_EPGAPLHD">
    <title lang="en">North Woods Law: Protect and Preserve</title>
    <desc lang="en">Good News, Bad News
 Officers St. Pierre, Benvenuti and K-9 Cora investigate a couple accused of road hunting; an actress tries to perform her way out of a ticket with Officer Hannett; Officer Holmes gets an injured goose call; Officer Frye handles a neighbor dispute.</desc>
    <category lang="en">Animals</category>
    <category lang="en">Law</category>
    <category lang="en">Outdoors</category>
    <category lang="en">Reality</category>
    <episode-num system="dd_progid">EP02775383.0062</episode-num>


2020-05-08 22:04

администратор   ~0031946

for use 'tvg-id' tags - header of the m3u must contains valide link to the epg file, for example
#EXTM3U url-tvg="https://tinyurl.com/y6uv8hlf"

or for use tvg-name tags - EPG file must contains same display-name tag
 <display-name>ANIMAL PLANET</display-name>


2020-05-08 22:24

автор   ~0031948

got it, you can mark it as resolved.

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