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0001263Addons[все проекты] [Addons] Предложениеобщая2016-12-23 19:032018-02-24 14:31
ПриоритетобычныйСерьезностьмалаяВоспроизводимостьне проверялась
СостояниеназначенРешениеповторно открыт 
Платформаwin8Операционная системаwin8Версия ОСwin8
Версия продукта[SimpleTV] 0.4.8 b9 
Целевая версияРешен в версии 
Суть0001263: firstonetv
ПодробностиI am vip member
Up to yesterday tvplaylists firstonetv addon worked great
Now I cannot see any channels getting error -"incorrect usename or password"
Pls could somebody help
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wafee (руководитель)
2016-12-23 22:04

firstonetv changed template, so scripts do not work now
I'll try to fix it asap
wafee (руководитель)
2016-12-24 12:36

merry christmas!

firstonetv fixed, download from repository!odE1wJIa!blJT1wlvZcHXxdTdbiyJGA [^]

playlist update recommended from time to time
jamie (инициатор)
2016-12-24 16:24

Waffe many thanx for fixing but I still have a problem
On my first computer firstonetv works fine although after updating with new link u sent it did not work till eventually a capacha popped up and I filled it in as requested since then it works great.
I now have tried to update my second computer in the same way but no capacha pops up so I no get error with red square showing text "error stream not found"
Many thanx for your help and Merry Christmas to you and all your family!
wafee (руководитель)
2016-12-24 17:56

delete cookies and restart simpletv

for win10
jamie (инициатор)
2016-12-24 18:10

great many thanx
Merry Xmas once again
jamie (инициатор)
2017-01-19 00:04

firstonetv has changed something again so scripts dont work
An chance of a fix when u have time?
wafee (руководитель)
2017-01-19 21:07

the scripts works fine
update the playlist
jamie (инициатор)
2017-01-19 21:26

many thanx sorry to worry u!
jamie (инициатор)
2017-05-10 00:23

Can u help--- not sure if problem is from my end
but firstonetv does not work for me for a few days now
I get the capchta to fill in I fill it in and another capchta
pops up this can go on forever without channel loading--has something changed or is the problem at my end
Many thanx
wafee (руководитель)
2017-05-10 04:11

@jamie in repository!odE1wJIa!blJT1wlvZcHXxdTdbiyJGA [^]

+ fixed firstonetv
jamie (инициатор)
2017-05-10 16:44

now get strange behavior firstonetv channel plays for
about 20 seconds then get green banner saying
The banner reappears every 5 seconds more or less
BTW I was not requested to fill in Captcha
I cleaned also inetcookies folder
Thanx again
wafee (руководитель)
2017-05-10 17:11

Captcha is no longer required to fill.
As for the green banner, then I can not help here, it is embedded into the stream I guess. I've not seen it
jamie (инициатор)
2017-05-10 17:34

Thanx for quick reply
I think u r right it is embedded when I am not at their site
NOT all stations have problem but if u try cnn from UK u should see it after some time
Many thanx still hope u might be able to trick the system!
Great work anyway many thanx again
wafee (руководитель)
2017-05-11 20:31

Today I tested channels for about 30 minutes and banner never appeared.
I have no time to further investigate this issue.
We have what we have)
jamie (инициатор)
2017-05-11 20:40

Thanx very much I have also found now that today there is no problem
Working very well today
Must have been some one time problem yesterday
I am sorry I troubled u
Once again thanx for your great work
jamie (инициатор)
2017-05-22 23:52

Sorry to trouble you again but getting incorrect username password when trying to use firstonetv.
No hurry when you have a chance pls check
Many thanx
wafee (руководитель)
2017-05-23 17:14

username & password is no longer required in repository
jamie (инициатор)
2017-05-23 19:47

Many thanx for fix working great!
jamie (инициатор)
2017-07-10 23:52

Firstonetv not working again can u have a look when u have some spare time!
Many thanx
wafee (руководитель)
2017-07-11 03:35

@jamie!1VF2XAxS!RIgxmD36Gjd2d9LHvCnfh1McafETzsT7vogJ6j7HO3Q [^]
jamie (инициатор)
2017-07-11 18:14

Many thanx
jamie (инициатор)
2017-08-12 17:43

Firstonetv seems not to be working--I am not sure if the trouble is at my end or not. Please could u check it out
Many thanx
wafee (руководитель)
2017-08-12 21:52

update the playlist
jamie (инициатор)
2017-08-13 01:25

Thanx for reply
I did a fresh install with latest playlist and still get error
"firstonetv-stream not found" in red on left top corner of osd screen below channel name.
I had the problem on 1 pc on another pc it worked for a few days but now nothing works that is why I thought the problem might be a local problem
wafee (руководитель)
2017-08-13 09:11

try getaddress.lua, which attached in the head
jamie (инициатор)
2017-08-13 09:45

Put file in folder \luaScr\user\tvplaylists\firstonetv\
but still get same error "firstonetv-stream not found" in red
Is there a debug file or log file which I can have a look at?
Thanx for your help
wafee (руководитель)
2017-08-13 20:51

Which links do you open?
jamie (инициатор)
2017-08-13 23:01

Thanx for your patience.
No links of firstonetv open.
The cause seems to be in my 2 pcs.
I copied the simpletv folder(which does not work on my pc) to a new installation of windows on a third computer. Firstonetv works fine in Simpletv.
The problem is in my computer! Any idea what could be causing this--- 2 days ago everything worked fine. IS there a cache location or some temp files which might cause the problem?
Many thanx and sorry to trouble you! Any debugging ideas would be great
wafee (руководитель)
2017-08-14 00:00

delete cookies, check your firewall, network connection etc
I have not idea how to help you anymore )
jamie (инициатор)
2017-08-14 02:18

Deleting cookies solved the problem!
Many thanx for your help and patience I really appreciate it!
jamie (инициатор)
2017-09-03 11:22

Firstonetv seems to be blocking--- get green banner on whole of screen.
Maybe there is a fix?!
wafee (руководитель)
2017-09-05 23:53

@jamie!ZEsjFT7a!ub6Cuxa5Innn8Z70Lfwz0QJ11cmEDV1ySQUCcgSwWRs [^]
jamie (инициатор)
2017-09-06 15:23

Many thanx-working great!
U r amazing!
jamie (инициатор)
2018-02-24 14:31

Hi there Firstonetv not working can u fix it?
Many thanx

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